About Us

Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, CMS, Inc. is one of Central Virginia’s premier General Contracting and Construction Management companies. Our team of professionals are highly experienced in construction and have an unmatched track record of success as general contractors, construction managers, and providers of design/build services throughout Virginia. Commercial…Multi-Family Housing Construction…Tenant Up-Fit…Renovation and Restoration…we’ve done it all.

As part of The Caton Companies, CMS has in-house access to resources that enable us to deliver a wide-range of services unparalleled in Virginia and North Carolina. This team-based approach has helped us perform and deliver on projects with multimillion dollar budgets.
We believe in the power of partnership.
It’s simple. Trust builds teamwork. And trust drives CMS. We bring this trust to everyone we touch on a project, from architects to subcontractors to suppliers…and most importantly…to our clients.

We believe in telling you not what you want to hear…but what you need to know.
Some companies are all about winning your business. We are all about earning your trust. That means honest answers to tough questions. It means laying all the cards on the table. And it means recognizing that in the end, the most important building we do involves not structures, but relationships.

We believe in performing in ways that exceed your expectations, and delivering in ways that fit your needs, your schedule and your budget.
At the end of the day, we will be judged by the answer to a simple question. “Did we deliver?”

We believe that the same old approach is not going to get it done in today’s marketplace.
Today’s realities demand innovative thinking, adaptable strategies and a shared commitment to achieving your goals. A lot of people can get you from point A to point B. None of them can do it as creatively, dynamically and effectively as we can.

Partnership. Professionalism. Experience. Integrity. Trust.
What you deserve. What we’re about.

Contact us today to learn how to put CMS to work for you.